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Put Away The Scissors And Glue Sticks And Enjoy The Creative Freedom To Make Digital Ransom Notes That Are Dynamic, Unique, and Easy

  • Mix and match letters from over 530 character options to create your own words!
  • Add that awesome final touch to your digital collage to help it really pop!
  • Level up your social media posts, posters, graphics, and more!
  • Use the included Photoshop plugin to create unique designs as fast as you can type - just put in the text and hit ‘Create’!
  • Characters inspired from centuries of type, hundreds of vintage magazines, vinyl covers, and flyers - all available in high resolution!

Trying to make a collage? An inspired cut-out? A vintage magazine tribute? Or just a good old-fashioned ransom note for your next design project? As cool as this cut-out alphabet style can look, they’ve always been so time-consuming to create. 

Though things got easier when we traded scissors, glue sticks, and stacks of magazines for tablets and Photoshop, it’s still a manual process that can take hours hunting for the just-right letters and styles.

But what if you didn’t have to spend all that time struggling and you could spend more time actually designing? You’ve got to check out Ransomlab Photoshop Plugin, you can create words faster and more easily. 

Just how awesome is the character set, though? It draws from centuries of texts, flyers, vinyl covers, and vintage magazines. Those letters and fonts have been carefully selected and photographed in high resolution, resulting in over 530 characters. 

Of those, there are more variations for the more commonly used letters in the English language. While all letters and numbers include at least 10 variations (even Q!), some common ones like the letter E feature 20 instances. 

Even the difficult-to-find special characters (and those that didn’t exist in the past) are in this set. They’ve been created digitally with the help of our Vintage Offset Printer, ensuring that even the rarest special characters have at least two versions.

Finally, this tool is made to be easy for you to use. In addition to its fast installation, future-proof UXP plugin, and Quick Browse Library (with all characters and backgrounds!), you won’t need the internet to use it - and all updates are always free.

Everything You Need To Get Started Designing Awesome Merch, Collage Posters, Cool Quotes, Creative Social Media Posts, And More 

  • Ransomizer™ Plugin (Requires Adobe Photoshop CC2021 or higher)
  • Over 530 Characters (Letters, Numbers, Symbols & Punctuation) .PNG
  • 32 Collage Cliparts (PNG)
  • 14 Overlays (Textures & Tape pieces) (PNG)
  • 25 Paper Backgrounds
  • 08 Torn Paper Rip Template (PSD)

All-In-One Package
With the Photoshop plugin and Ransomlab set, you’ve got all you need to make interesting collages, retro designs, anonymous notes, and more.

Creativity Unleashed
With over 530 characters at your fingertips, you’ll get to spend your time designing, not struggling to isolate, cut, and copy hundreds of individual pieces.

Perfect For Digital Products
Each letter/number/symbol is an individual PNG file at 300 dpi on a transparent background, making it ideal for digital products. They can be used in all common applications, like Canva, Affinity, and Photoshop.

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