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100 Ink in Milk Backgrounds

Are you looking for something really abstract and unique to use to help add a touch of creative appeal to one of your works? Then our latest in-milk textures, Milch, are just what you need. In this package, you get access to 50 hugely impressive JPEG files as well as numerous other extras that can help you to get as creative as you wish. 

It’s the perfect choice for that added sense of personal appeal and freedom, ensuring that you are left with something very different to the norm. These new and improved shots can be used with any software, too, so you don’t need to use something like Adobe Photoshop if you do not wish to do so.

• 50x black and white 4000 x 6000px JPEG files made in impressive 300DPI detail, perfect for using as backgrounds.

• 50x 4000 x 60000px JPEG images that come in full RGB color, making them easy to blend in with any artistic profile that you choose.

• Creative, colorful and liquid-inspired images that can add a sense of abstract art and detail to any project that you wish.

• Ink wash and ink stain style effects that can be used in any way that you wish, adding a sense of artistic drive and purpose to any image that you put together.

• A colorful combination of different images, all of which do an excellent job of adding a much-needed sense of charisma to your artistic endeavors.

• Real macro photos made in-house.

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