Artistic Toolkit 3

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Experience the raw energy of Artistic Toolkit 3 – the ultimate creative arsenal that channels the anti-design movement, fusing the nostalgic essence of the '90s, the rebellious spirit of punk, and the avant-garde vibes of y2k designs.

All About Anti-Design: Revel in the beauty of the messy, the abstract, the chaotic. Crafted for those who dare to stand out.

  • Handmade Magic: Unique handmade fonts, scribbles, and more.
  • Urban Pulse: From graffiti tags to grunge-laden walls, immerse in the edgy beauty of the urban streets.
  • Anarchy in Design: Ransom note letters, fingerprints, and torn paper frames - perfect for that rugged, unrefined aesthetic.
  • Backdrop Brilliance: High-resolution urban backgrounds, ready to elevate any design project.
  • Texture & Depth: Layer your designs with grunge overlays, paper scraps, and an array of raw, authentic textures.

4 Included Fonts: 

  • FW Anarcho: A tribute to the anarchic underpinnings of the Anti-design ethos, this font is brash, bold, and unapologetically original.
  • FW BoldBreaker: Assert your message with authority. BoldBreaker captures the spirit of rebellion with its unyielding boldness, demanding attention on any canvas.
  • FW RandomCrap: RandomCrap is unpredictably unique. Each character stands out, defying design norms. Perfect for those who dare to be different. Embrace the chaos. Embrace the real.
  • FW AntiStroke: A nod to the insurgent spirit of the Anti-design movement, this font captures the raw, handwritten vibe of a street artist's journal.

Stand Out: This collection is made for the fearless creatives who want their designs to speak volumes. Be it streetwear, abstract posters, or striking social media content.

    This Product contains:

    • 200 x Collage Elements
    • 175 x Marker
    • 175 x Ransom Letters
    • 100 x Vector Scribbles
    • 60 x Graffiti Tags
    • 50 x Fingerprints
    • 40 x Paper Scraps
    • 30 x Graffiti Walls
    • 30 x Grunge Overlays
    • 20 x Frames
    • 22 x Urban Wall Backgrounds
    • 15 x Poster Rips
    • 12 x Torn Paper Frames
    • 04 x Fonts
    • 04 x Poster Mockups

    With Artistic Toolkit 3, you’re not just designing; you're making a statement. Command attention, and embrace the beauty of raw, authentic artistry. Ready to disrupt the design landscape?

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