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Grunge - 50 Abstract Backgrounds

Are you on the lookout for some new experimental backgrounds that add a touch of energy and power into your work? Then start with our new Grunge collection. This has become very popular with those looking to create exciting and inventive artwork which speaks to their wider audience, creating more interesting packaging, invitation messages and digital media. 

Using this package, you can easily make something immediately catch the eye of the reader or viewer, immediately ensuring that you have no problems at all in capturing their attention. One of the many reasons why our grungy backgrounds work so well is that they tend to add loudness and volume, doing so across a package which contains as many as 50 High resolution images just waiting for you to be used.

These are the ideal solution for those who want a more eroded, distorted look to the whole appeal. That dark and dirty feeling contrasts perfectly with the gritty, rusty nature of the general colour choice.

High quality JPEG files delivered in full RGB color mode and with 300DPI used to help ensure the cleanest, sharpest imagery. 6000 x 4000 pixels helps deliver this.

  • 50 Grunge Textures (Original Version) .JPG
  • 50 Grunge Textures (B&W Positiv) .JPG
  • 50 Grunge Textures (B&W Negativ) .JPG
  • 50 Grunge Textures (Transparent Positiv) .PNG

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