Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink
Cracked Plastisol Ink

Cracked Plastisol Ink

Bring Time-Honored Charm to Your Creations

Unlock the timeless charm of vintage aesthetics with our "Cracked Plastisol Ink Textures." Expertly crafted for designers, illustrators, and creatives seeking to infuse their work with the authentic, worn-in look of real plastisol ink cracks, this collection is your gateway to designs that resonate with depth and history.

Crafted with Authenticity:

  • Genuine Screen-Printed Textures: Each texture is born from real white plastisol ink, lovingly screen printed by hand. This collection is not about simulating vintage; it’s about bringing actual pieces of the past into your work, complete with all its perfectly imperfect cracks and crevices.
  • Shot with Precision: To capture every exquisite detail, we used a high-resolution full-frame camera paired with a 50mm Marko lens. The result? Stunningly clear and detailed textures that elevate your designs beyond the ordinary.
  • File Formats Galore: Whether you’re a Photoshop pro or just looking for some high-res JPGs to slap onto your work, we’ve got you covered. With original, inverted, and transparent textures, plus Photoshop brushes for the ink aficionados, your design toolkit is about to get a major upgrade.

What’s Inside the Pack?

16 Cracked Plastisol Ink Textures

  • Original files .JPG
  • Hard Invert .JPG
  • Transparent .PNG
  • Brushes .ABR

08 Fabrics 

  • Shadows .JPG
  • Lights .JPG

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