plastik 3.0

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100 Plastic wrap Textures

If you want to use the power of plastic to help create something truly artistic, then you need to be able to use our new Plastik textures package. This combines together a host of very impressive images that can be used in any way, shape or form that you wish. They add an extra touch of flair and charisma into any image that you put together, with the end result being a series of real macro photos made by us that can help to inspire and improve just about any piece of art.

They are great for overlay effects and can add a touch of creativity and abstract appeal to any kind of image that you wish to work with. A must-have for those who appreciate the art of beauty when done in a more contemporary way. Numerous abstract and plastic style shots appear here, with each one offering something different to the last to create something truly impressive.

• 60 RGB color mode, 300DPI JPEG images delivered in a hugely impressive 4000 x 6000px size.

• 40 RGB color mode, Transparent 300DPI PNG images.

• 2 Photoshop Mockups

• Impressive attention to detail on each of the shots makes them perfect for any creative purpose.

• Plastic designs and images that can be used to help improve and enhance any feature you wish.

• Creative appeal shines through on each, with images that can easily be combined with others for your own particular creative purpose.

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