Frequently asked questions

If you have purchased your product on creativemarket please visit

Please log in to your account. Here you can download your purchase. The download is always the latest version of the product.

EU customers who have a VAT ID and are not from Germany can buy VAT free.

To do this, please first create a flyerwrk account. Then enter the billing address in the account. After that, send us an email with your VAT ID and the email address of your account to

A refund of the VAT paid on the purchase is unfortunately not possible.

With the purchase of one of our products you get free update for this product. You can always download the latest version via your account.

We still recommend that you always back up your purchase!

It may happen that when you pay via Express Checkout, a new account is created for the email address stored in the payment system. Please check this email address as well.

If you are having problems downloading the item file(s), please check the following:

Clear your web browser cache. (Select your browser from the links for a guide). Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.Check that no 3rd party application, software or browser extension is preventing a successful download. (ie. Internet Security, Antivirus or Firewall).If you're using a wireless connection, plug your computer directly into the router/broadband modem.Try downloading the file using an alternate browser and / or computer.Check your router to see if you have any content filtering enabled.Check with your ISP to make sure that you haven't exceeded any download limits.

We recommends against the use of download managers when downloading your purchased item(s).

If you are still having problems downloading your purchase, please contact the Market Help where you purchased it with the following information:

Name of the item (include the link from your browser).The username your purchase was made from.A brief description of the problem e.g. download stops half way through, error message etc.

You can download the invoice in Check out. You will also get an email from with the title "Order #.... confirmed" where you can download the invoice in the lower area. If you did not receive this mail, please open a support ticket.

Thanks for your donation. After the Paypal process you will be redirected to the download page. If you have not downloaded your file, please contact us with your Paypal email address. As an alternative, if you have already subscribed to the newsletter, you can also use the newsletter download button. If not subscribing is completely free and worth it!

Please download the file again first and make sure you have downloaded the complete file!
Please see "Problems Downloading a File" to see if it is a download problem.
We recommend to use the Unzip built into the operating system.


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