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Product Type: Digital Goods

Schick is one of our finest choices to work with when you need a stylish set of bokeh backgrounds that hit the right spot. Standing out is everything when it comes to good advertisement, and this collection of 32 textures should help you to do that. We provide an impressive 96 JPEGs in total, with all 32 textures provided in black, white and DUOTONE red for best effect.

These are designed to be simple and easy to edit in traditional software such as Adobe Photoshop. Simply adjust and edit the JPEG files in any way that you wish to get the perfect saturation and hue that you are happy with. A fine starting point for creating standout content time and time again.

  • High quality JPEG images provided in 240 DPI and 6000 x 4000 pixels for best impact.
  • JPEG files which are easy to update and manipulate in any way that you need.
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