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50 Abstract Marble textures.

When you need something a touch more abstract and out there to add artistic appeal to an image, few resources are more suitable for doing so than using marble. In our new Marmor collection, you get to pick from a beautiful collection of 300DPI, RGB-color, 4000 x 6000px images that can be used to add a much-needed sense of creative appeal to any promotions that you happen to run. 

These various images and designs, the very definition of abstract, catch the right heart and beauty of marble itself in the most commanding way. These are a must-have when you are on the lookout for something totally different to the norm, made using highly impressive macro photos taken by us. 

• Works with just about any form of standard creative software: you are not obliged to use Adobe Photoshop if you wish to use these products.

• A whopping 50 black and white images are included, with an impressive 4000 x 6000px design that helps to really bring this together in the right way.

• All files delivered in black and white and in easy to use JPEG format, making it super-simple for you to enjoy using these in any way that you wish.

• Abstract design that brings together a series of images all caught in a marble-inspired design, making these ideal textures for more creative and introspective design pieces

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