Chromatic Toolkit

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Create abstract and shiny content with a massive collection of chromed items.

They say that shiny objects are perfect for catching the eye of your audience. Well, with our brand new chromatic toolkit, you have just the help that you need to use all of the chrome that you need to make your content positively shine bright. Take a look today, and you can see in full the quality that comes from chromatic toolkits. With a chromatic inclusion, you can turn an poster that might need a little more artistic direction into something truly impressive.

We have worked tirelessly to create a range of high quality images that ensure you get everything you need to create easy designs. From posters with a touch of extra shine to promotional content for your latest products and services, this toolkit has been designed to make a massive difference.

Create outlandish collages that will amaze and entertain. In this package, you can look forward to using the following:

  • 70 High resolution, real-life photos taken and edited by our team in-house.
  • 40 Chrome 3D Renders, capable of being easily imported and used in various artistic designs.
  • 5 realistic chrome text effects to help blend in the typography on any package you are designing.
  • 5 Story templates for Photoshop that you can quickly use and develop for awesome content.


  • 70 Photo Based CUT-OUTS (.PNG)
  • 40 Chromed 3D RENDERS (.PNG)
  • 05 Storie TEMPLATES (.PSD)
  • 05 Chromed Text TEMPLATES (.PSD)
  • 10 Gradient Maps (.GRD)
  • 10 Chrome BACKGROUNDS (.JPG)